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  • 40Gb/s Serial Optical Interface

-High quality and reliability optical sub-assemblies
-1550nm EA-DFB Optical Transmitter
-High Sensitivity PIN-TIA Optical Receiver
-Excellent performance for 2km over a SMF

  • IEEE802.3bg Compliant

-IEEE802.3 Clause 89 40GBASE-FR
-XLAUI(4x10G) Electrical Interface
-MDIO Interface for module management

  • Multi-rate Operation

-4x9.953 and up to 4x11.146 Gb/s host lane operation
-ITU-T G.693 VSR2000-3R2 compliant interface

  • CFP MSA Compliant

-Easy supply management for hot pluggability
-CFP MSA Form Factor
-148pin Electrical Connector
-Duplex LC Receptacle

  • Power Supply

-3.3V single power supply

  • RoHS6 Compliant